The Somatic Conversation

Have you ever wondered just what was getting in your way? Why you couldn't lose weight? Get rid of that chronic health issue? Dump the bad habit?

Your body knows. It knows what it all means. If it would just tell you.

It can. The Somatic Conversation is a very special session in which you communicate directly with your body and discover the messages it has for you.

I recently had a Somatic Conversation with Jeanne, which is similar to a deep guided meditation. In one session, we discovered a disconnect between my artistic being and my intellectual being. By the end of the session we were able to bring these two beings together; I feel whole and energized. The results are powerful. I am now well along the road to publishing my first coffee table art book. I have also returned, after a significant hiatus, to offering my intuitive readings services with great business success. Thank you, Jeanne. I never would have uncovered this disconnect on my own. ~Eliza Fayle



Chill Out

A Natural Guide to Controlling Hot Flashes

Hot flashes. Is there any more iconic symptom of menopause? More importantly, is there any more annoying symptom of menopause?

Hot flashes can be the "last straw" for many women, convincing them that something has to be done. The good news is that doesn't have to be drugs. I've outlined the best of the natural options for controlling and relieving hot flashes, from "in the moment" fixes to long-term solutions.

If you'd like to understand how you can control your hot flashes, Chill Out is for you!

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Meet My Inner Science Geek!

Yes, in high school, I was a nerd. I loved science. And I still do!

But I realize that the nerdy research stuff isn't for everybody, and talking to "Dr. Google" can be downright scary sometime. It's not easy to sift out the important stuff from the stuff that makes you worry.

That's why I realize my inner science geek to play on your behalf. I try to keep up with the research in menopause, diet, exercise, and living, and distill it down to what's important for you.

I keep a special blog just for this kind of information. You can check out the science geeky stuff here.


Lighten Up!

An excerpt from the book:

When I sat down to write this book, I knew exactly what I wanted to put in it, and even what I didn’t want to put in it. But I couldn’t figure out how to organize it so you’d get the most out of it. I knew you’d love a book that tells you where to start and then what to do next, and then next, and so on until you’ve reached your weight goal, and then you could burn this book or delete it from your e-reader and never, ever have to look at it again. I know that because that’s what I wanted. But that doesn’t work.

The truth is that weight loss is messy. You can plan to get ready and get started, but sometimes it isn’t even that neat.

I wanted a book that got real about weight loss in midlife, while you're trying to navigate your menopausal journey.

Because weight loss is messy. But it's not impossible.

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