Transforming Menopause Misery to
Menopause Magic

About The Menopause Guru

Jeanne Andrus, The Menopause Guru, lives what she teaches! Coming into perimenopause, she had no idea what to expect and she certainly didn't think she was "that old."

Her journey, which began with emotional upheaval, smoothed out when she started concentrating on her own health and happiness and learning what was going on in her own body.

"It seemed crazy to me that no one told me what was happening, and even crazier that even my doctors didn't know the full extent of the changes," she says of her own menopause journey.

What followed for her was a deep dive into what science knew about menopause. She learned how our hormones change and how holistic practices could support our bodies so that we didn't suffer needlessly with the symptoms.

But, she also found out there was another side to the story.

What she calls the "magic" or the "gift" of menopause.

"Menopause changes how we relate to ourselves and the world. For decades, we've been outer (and other) focused, because that's what we needed to be as humans evolved," she explains "But as we go through menopause, our need to live for our own purpose and passion emerges. We get to put ourselves in the center of our lives."

As she discovered just how important understanding and support was to her own journey, she realized her own purpose was making this understanding and support available to other women.

And when she realized that menopause magic was more than symptom relief, she started incorporating what she calls "woo" - the not-quite explainable tools for helping women live their best life - into what she does.





Reiki healing &
Somatic Conversation


Neuro-Linguistic Programming
(Results Coaching)



My clients learn to navigate their Menopause Journey...

Understand the "terrain:"
There's a general pattern to menopause. Or, at least a few general patterns. But nobody tells us what to expect. That's why a key element of the work I do with each woman and in every class I offer is "what's going on in your body."

Choose your destination(s):
Oh, the places you'll go! Maybe you believe that you've chosen your path, that there's nothing left to do but live out your life. But, you'd be wrong! Because menopause gives us the perfect "nudge" to re-examine what you want out of life. You get to choose.

Chart your course:
While there are those general patterns, no two journeys are identical. Each woman's history is different and each has a different goal, so naturally, each woman's plan is different. We create plans that not only account for those differences, but celebrate them!

Stay the course:
Like any plan for any journey, reality can deviate from the plan, right? It can be easy to get lost, or even give up the journey. But with my programs, we build the confidence you need to make your "course adjustments" without losing sight of your goal.

It all starts with a
Menopause Journey Mapping: Chart Your Course to Hormonal Harmony


Here’s what happens when you schedule your session:

  • You’ll spend a few minutes completing (or reviewing) a survey of some of the symptoms you are currently experiencing.

  • Before we meet, I’ll review your responses and get an idea of what I believe might be the underlying hormonal imbalances that are most affecting you.

  • During our time together, I’ll ask you some questions to verify my understanding of your symptoms and explore the extent of the impact of hormonal imbalances on your health, your relationships, your life.

  • I’ll explain the options that you have to reduce your symptoms, take control of your Menopause Journey, and delight in your life as you move into this new and amazing part of your life.

  • And, finally, you’ll get a chance to get your questions answered.

You'll come away with a deeper understanding of how menopause is (and might, in the future) affecting you and how you, too, make this the best time of your life!

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