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I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Now I have an idea of what to expect and a plan for keeping myself healthy and sane.


Each woman’s Menopause Journey is unique. Some women breeze through, experiencing few symptoms and little discomfort. Others feel their whole lives are disrupted by the physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual changes.

But you don’t have to let it run (or ruin) your life). You CAN take control and take back your life. You CAN be yourself again.

Menopause Mastery Coaching is designed to support your journey through a unique combination of personal health coaching and life coaching, and a specialized learning program designed to help you understand and take control of your complete Menopause Journey.

Hormonal Imbalance Mapping Session

In our initial session, we’ll take a deep dive into your health history (including those symptoms we discussed in our discovery session, as well as the full list of menopausal symptoms and other health factors) and determine a preliminary strategy for relief.

Value $500.

Holistic Hormonal Rebalancing Coaching

Working together, you and I will implement (and revise as necessary) a life-style plan for rebalancing your hormones and integrating the changes of menopause across all parts of your life. In our sessions together, you’ll learn not only how to support yourself physically, but how to become the woman you aspire to be in this amazing time of your life. (11 one-on-one coaching sessions focusing on your priorities)

Our individual work includes email and/or Direct Messaging support from me. Got a question, problem, or weird new symptom? Reach out and I’ll get to you just as soon as I can (1 business day).

Value $4,500.

“I Just Want to Be ME Again!” Learning Experience

Menopause gets a lot less scary when you actually understand what’s happening in your body, and how that resonates throughout your life. You’ll have lifetime access to this 13-module course, based on (and extending) my best-selling book, “I Just Want to Be ME Again!”

Value $1500.

Ask-Me-Anything Group Q&A Sessions

Throughout your work with me, you’ll have access to twice monthly, live Question-and-Answer sessions with me and a group of your sisters who are also on their Menopause Journey. I love group Q&A sessions, because I always hear questions I didn’t know how to articulate. (You’ll have access to recordings, if you can’t make them live.)

Value $800.

Your Symptom Relief Toolkit

After working in the world of menopause symptom relief for over a decade, I’ve discovered dozens of great tools for relieving various symptoms and making your life better. During our work together, I’ll be selecting a few books, resources, techniques, and even other courses that will make a difference to specifically to you. Your package may come early or late in our work together – because everything in it will be selected just for you.

Value $400-500.

Add to all that, I’ve got some bonuses for you…
because they’ve helped out those who’ve gone before you…

The Habit Master Class

7 modules designed to help you create, maintain, or break habits… essential to making the lifestyle changes you commit to.

The Cleanse

A 2-week clean eating plan that can jump-start your path to regaining hormonal balance.


My signature begin-to-run program from my days as a running coach. Includes 12 weeks of downloadable audios and 12 modules of everything you need to know to become a runner.

Beyond the Bucket List

Try vision boarding a whole different way. You’re not close to “kicking the bucket,” so why not a vision for the life you’re creating now?

Plus, just for quick deciders…

Make your initial payment today and you’ll get a “yearly check-up” for as long as you’d like to schedule them (or till I’m no longer available to do them).

We’ll meet every year and review what’s happening with you. You’ll be able to ask questions and get my recommendations for tweaks to your own individual plan to keep you going far into the future.

Value $500 per year