HOW you don’t sleep…

Menopause can disrupt your sleep.

(But you knew that.)

is an important indicator of your underlying hormonal health.

Find out what how you don’t sleep says about YOUR Menopause Journey.

Menopausal Insomnia…

Disrupted sleep can start early in perimenopause and last long after your periods end. And not sleeping makes everything feel a whole lot worse.

A good night’s sleep is possible.

But here’s the kicker…

There are at least 9 ways that the hormonal imbalances of your Menopause Journey can disrupt your sleep.

Want to understand how your journey is affecting your sleep? Take the following assessment and I’ll interpret the results for you.

Your answer will come directly from me. I actually review your response and send you a description of how your hormones are affecting your sleep. Therefore, your response may take as much as 2 business days (depending on my schedule).