Hormonal Assessment Discovery Session…

All those symptoms?
The key to unlocking relief is understanding what your hormones are doing!

Did you know that every cell in your body uses estrogen? And most of them also use progesterone.

So when the changes of menopause, and the levels of estrogen and progesterone start to fluctuate, you can see echoes of those fluctuations anywhere in your body (and your emotions, and your thinking, and even in the way you relate to others).

And then there’s the rest of your hormones. Hormones like insulin, thyroid hormone, cortisol, testosterone, and many more are interdependent with estrogen and progesterone. So as menopause proceeds, you may find symptoms of those hormones being out of whack.

In my work, I’ve identified over 100 symptoms associated with these hormonal changes (and I know I don’t have them all). And those symptoms are pointers to what’s going on underneath.

Prior to our session, you’ll fill out a questionnaire about which symptoms you are currently experiencing. Then, we’ll dig in to what that means about your underlying hormones.

And what YOU can do about it.

So use my calendar below to schedule your appointment, and then complete the assessment questionnaire. And I’ll talk to you soon.

Please schedule your appointment before continuing.


Do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

Yes. Our conversation will center on which symptoms are happening for you. While the symptoms listed are not all the symptoms of the various hormonal imbalances, these are the ones that help me understand what’s going on with you.

What if the symptoms most bothering me aren’t listed?

If a symptom is really bothering you, please list it in the final question. If it’s important to you, we’ll address it in our conversation.

Will I get a definitive diagnosis from our conversation?

I am not a medical practitioner and cannot diagnosis. We’ll be evaluating your symptoms, to make our best guess of what is going on. Based on what we discuss, I’ll explain what your “next steps” could be, including lifestyle changes or further medical testing.

Why can’t you just send me the results?

There is such an overlap between the symptoms caused by various hormone imbalances and there’s often subtle differences in the way something shows up that we’ll uncover in talking through what you’re experiencing.

Is this really free and no obligation?

Absolutely. But, after we evaluate your symptoms, if I think you and I are a good fit and I can help, I’ll explain how you and I can work together to reduce your symptoms and help you reclaim your magic.