What are your symptoms telling you?

(This assessment is the basis for our meeting. If you can’t fill it in now, please bookmark this and return later.)
This quiz is intended to supplement a “Hormone Assessment” appointment with me. If you haven’t scheduled that appointment, please go to my calendar to schedule one.

Too often, we’re told to ignore what our bodies are telling us and trust in what our doctors are telling us…

And while I believe they DO have our best interest at heart, they often don’t have the training or the information to help us decipher just what is happening in our body.

That’s why I created this assessment… to help you discover and understand how your Menopause Journey is affecting you right now.

It’s not a “medical diagnosis.” It’s a look at what’s happening to you right now, and making an educated guess about what’s causing the symptoms you may be experiencing.

How this works:

Over the next few pages, I’ll ask you a series of questions about what’s going on in your menstrual cycle and just generally with what I call “symptoms.”

You answer to the best of your ability and send me your answers.

I’ll sit down with your answers and make some conjectures about what’s going on.

Then when we talk at our appointment, I’ll ask you some questions about your symptoms and what you want to do about them. That will help us clarify what is really going on.

And I’ll help you understand what your symptoms are saying about your underlying hormonal imbalances. Then I’ll explain your alternatives for doing something about it.

Talk soon!